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Support Groups

Adolescent Group

This group is designed to help teens create a healthy support network for each other. When adolescents perceive that others can relate to them, they are willing to accept feedback from their peers. The Adolescent Group at IPA is made up of young men and woman in high school, and run by experienced therapists with special training in adolescent development issues. These include, but are not limited to: self esteem, body image issues, relationships, experimenting with substances, and dealing with intense emotions.

Bereavement Group

This group offers a supportive environment in which individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one can meet others who are similarly situated and share their experiences, feelings and coping strategies. This group is open to any person who has experienced a significant loss in their life. 

Cancer Support Group

The group offers a safe and supportive environment in which people who have been affected by cancer can share experiences, concerns, feelings, knowledge and coping strategies with one another. The group is open to individuals diagnosed with cancer, as well as their friends, family members and caregivers.  

Chronic Pain Group

The purpose of this group is to improve knowledge and skills for living with a chronic pain condition, as well as to offer support from others with chronic pain. It will cover medical management of chronic pain, alternative treatments, relationship between pain and emotions/mood, stress management, activity pacing and goal setting, and effects of pain on significant others. This group is open to chronic pain sufferers of all ages and diagnoses. 

Growing Together: Mommy Baby/Toddler Group

The group provides concrete information about child development and a supportive environment in which each mother can develop a better understanding of her child’s unique inner world. The goal of the group is for mothers to support and inspire each other, as each finds her individual parenting style. The group is led by two psychologists who work with mothers and children simultaneously. Group topics may include, among others; the life changes associated with motherhood, child developmental milestones, sleep habits, feeding, discipline, and changes in relationships with spouses, in-laws, and parents. This group is open to all mothers and children ages newborn to 3 years old.

Seniors Group

The group provides support and develops skills to better deal with the emotional, social and physical stressors associated with the aging process. Group topics may include adapting to loss; dealing with anxiety, sadness and anger; adapting to major life changes; and coping with illness or the illness of a loved one. This group is open to seniors 55 and older.

Social Skills Development Group

This is a group for school age children to meet and develop social, problem solving, coping and communication skills. It is a time limited group and meets for eight sessions utilizing various techniques and interventions to develop self-esteem and assertiveness, and awareness of emotions and behaviors. This group is appropriate for any child experiencing stress or difficulties, but any child would benefit from it.